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Every country in the world is known for some speciality; India is best known not only for its variety of spices but also for its classic tea. As per the reports, India stands at the second level in the global tea production chart with processing of 9,00,094 approx. tonnes of tea. Seeing great opportunity in the Indian Tea Sector and with an intent to make high quality and low priced tea reach every nook and corner of the country, Vedwati Foods was formed. Mr. Vineesh Kumar Sharma has put his excellent efforts and great capital in making the company get a big opening.

The roles of a manufacturer and wholesaler are being performed impressively by the company from the last one year. The excellence with which these business roles are performed can be seen in the quality as well as the price of Black Tea, Organic Tea, Organic Black Tea, Masala Tea, Flavored Tea, etc. We do not focus on breaking the records made by other companies, working in this sector but setting up our own benchmark. This helps us get indulged in nothing but a healthy competition, which in reality is good for the growing Indian economy.

Impressing Tea Aficionados

Since day One of our journey in the Indian Tea Industry, we are impressing tea aficionados at PAN India level with our fresh, tasty and authentic tea. We know that for tea lovers, the quality and taste of tea is everything that matters which is why we keep their demand as our focus to fulfill, while producing variety of tea. Fresh leaves from gardens are sourced for processing tea. The total time taken for production and delivery is very less as compared with other companies because we have experienced staff and advanced machines as the best combination to perform business works timely.

Neat Packaging, for Cementing Bond with Customers

Cementing the bond with customers for years is something very crucial for a business to survive in the growing and competitive Tea Industry. Knowing this, Vedwati Foods indulge in neat packaging of Organic Tea, Organic Black Tea, Masala Tea, Black Tea, Flavored Tea and other tea. Some facts about our packaging process are given below:
  • We use modern packaging and labelling machine to pack variety of tea promptly.
  • We use plastic based packaging material to pack different quantities of tea.
  • We imprint our brand name, Freson on every tea pack to differentiate our high quality tea packs with others.
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Near Paint Chauraha, Bhola Nagar, Atrauli, Near Ramghat Road, Aligarh, Uttar Pradesh, 202280, India